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DENVER (KDVR) – More than 17 million people have lost their jobs since the coronavirus pandemic began. Laura Thomas of Denver lost all three of her jobs within 48 hours earlier this month.

“I am a professional tattoo artist, also a professional traveling chalk artist, and then I’m also a director of administration at an event center,” Thomas told FOX31.

“And I took a brief moment to let that sink in and have a little freak out, and then I decided to just kind of take some action and just try to help people the best I can,” she added.

The Denver artist decided to put her skills to work, brightening the neighborhood with a massive chalk mural in her driveway. 

“I was really wanting to do something to lift people’s spirits. Kind of just give them something beautiful to look at. I think we’re all kind of going through a lot right now, and art is something that I can give and I can share with people and I think it’s definitely beneficial,” she said.

Who knew a patch of concrete would be such a conversation starter?

“We’ve walked by this house a lot of times, we’ve seen our neighbor, but we haven’t stopped to chat much (until now). And this has just brought joy to our whole neighborhood,” said neighbor Brooke Bender.

The theme of her design: “Hope isn’t canceled.”

“Hope can’t be canceled. It can’t. I mean, no matter what is going on, as long as you have that, you’re going to be OK, you know?  And I remind myself of that every single day,” Thomas said.

Thomas designs chalk art for Denver businesses in need of advertising, and she’s ready to get to work if they need help. You can see her finished creations on her Facebook page and on Instagram.