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GREELEY, Colo. – Prior to Monday’s sentencing, Watts had accepted a plea deal and multiple life terms. The death penalty was also off the table

What the sentencing provided was a chance for all of the families involved to express and reveal how this tragedy has affected them. for the first time we’re hearing from Shanann’s mom and brother, along with her dad.

“I have no idea, who gave you the right to take their lives,” Sandra Rzucek, Shanann’s mom said to a packed courtroom Monday morning.

“I trusted you to take care of them, not kill them,” Frank Rzucek, Shanann’s dad said.

“To be honest, you’re not even worth the time and effort it takes to put my pen to this paper,” the District Attorney read in a statement that Frank Rzucek, Jr. wrote.

“You disgust me,” Frank Rzucek said.

Christopher Watts was in court as the impact statements were read. He was handcuffed, head down, with his knees shaking.

“You monster, thought you would get away with this. The cameras do not lie, you carried them out like trash of the house, yes, I seen the video tape,” Frank Rzucek said. “You buried my daughter Shanann and Nico in a shallow grave, and then you put Bella and Celeste in containers with crude oil.”

“I pray that you never have a moments piece or a good night’s rest in the cage you’ll spend ever day of your life in,” Frank Rzucek Jr. said in a prepared statement.

Sandra Rzucek said, “I didn’t want death for you because that’s not my right. Your life is between you and god now”

“This is hard to say, but may god have mercy on your soul,” Frank Rzucek said. “And one other thing, Shanann says, she is super excited for justice today.”

This is all the impact of a case the 17 year judge calls, the most “vicious and inhumane” crime he’s ever handled.

Close friends who invited Chris Watts into their home while police searched for at the time, his missing family, sat in the courtroom too. Their eyes were closed and hands down as the statements were read.

Neighbors from the Frederick community were also in attendance. They looked on with tears running down their faces.