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DENVER — State lawmakers are back on Wednesday when another session of the Colorado General Assembly kicks off.

The annual gathering will last until early May.

There are the major issues to watch over the next several months.

Sexual harassment allegations

Three lawmakers are currently under active investigations.

The biggest scandal to watch will be the ongoing drama between Rep. Steve Lebsock and Rep. Faith Winter.

Winter is accusing Lebsock of harassment and some members of the General Assembly have called for Lebsock to be expelled.

This could very well be the most dramatic story of session.


Over the summer an interim committee examined ways to reduce the heroin epidemic in Colorado.

A series of bipartisan measures will be introduced as a result, including a bill to allow “safe injection sites” in Denver.

The idea behind this is so those battling addiction do not overdose in private but instead have a safe place to go where they will not be arrested.


New money might be available to apply to roads.

Republicans will likely propose more bonding, while Democrats argue the only way to fix this long term is an increase in taxes.

It’s highly unlikely, however, that major compromise is brokered given the political nature of 2018.


This might be the craziest election year in quite some time for Colorado.

As a result, expect a lot of political plays by lawmakers. Gov. John Hickenlooper’s role will also be analyzed.

Last week, he joked during a news conference about his “lame duck” status.