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DENVER – After complaints about a wild sex party in Castle Rock went viral, a member of Denver’s “lifestyle community” is setting the record straight.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers first reported that a home in an upscale part of Castle Rock is under investigation by police and the local HOA.

Neighbors said almost 90 people showed up recently to the home for a party called the “Thunderstorm Play Palace” for an adults-only sex party.

“We generally try to be as private as we can be,” Jen Malmon said.

Now, though, she said it is time to open up about the underground community.

“I know that there is a misperception and there is a lack of education and I think it’s time to address it,” she said. “We’re all consensual adults who hang out.”

She regularly attends events for nudists, swingers and other people who “live the lifestyle.”

The parties happen in every Denver neighborhood every week, and she said nothing that goes on inside is illegal.

“It’s just like going to a regular barbecue. We’re coming in, hanging out, meeting new friends and talking and that’s really about it. It builds up and do people have sex? Yes. And that’s OK,” she said.

Malmon said there are tens of thousands of people involved in Denver’s lifestyle community. Most of the participants are married couples in their 40s and 50s.

“Do you get to see naked people and do you get to have live porn around you? Yes. And is there like sexy people? It’s awesome,” Malmon said.

She wants people to realize the parties are not as wild as the initial complaints suggest.

“There are always condoms provided. Everybody practices really safe sex,” she said.

She understands why some of the neighbors would be upset when they find out about the parties, but said a big part of the lifestyle is respect for those who don’t live it.

“It’s important to use that we’re not trying to interfere in your world. But please also don’t judge ours,” she said.