PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) — Homeowners are dealing with the aftermath of the severe weather that wiped through much of the state.

A family in Parker is now struggling to clear water from their basement, now completely flooded.

Thursday night, Debbie Osborne said they noticed water pouring in through the basement baseboards in her son’s room. 

“We’ve seen crazy rain, but it’s never come in the house like this,” Osborne said. “Next thing you know it’s in the hallway, it’s in the other room, it’s coming down the hall, it’s coming from the bathroom. It’s coming in everywhere there was a wall that met the ground. We couldn’t keep up with it.”

Osborne said they worked through the night trying to keep it from pooling up, using three wet-dry vacuums, tons of towels, buckets and anything they could find.  

“We couldn’t make any headway. We hadn’t eaten, we hadn’t taken breaks. We were in socks and our shoes were soaked, so we were cold, we were wet and you hit a point where you can’t do anything more,” Osborne said.

She said there is still more than an inch of water covering the entire basement floor. Osborne called several water mitigation companies but said no one is available until next week.

The family saved what they could and are just trying to keep their spirits high. 

“We’re not the kind of people who ask for help. That’s just not who we are. We give help,” Osborne said. “Just say a prayer to keep our spirits up because we try, but we have moments.”

The family does have flood insurance but said since the water came in through seepage, insurance won’t cover it.