DENVER (KDVR) — When FOX31 sat down with the Molnar quadruplets, it was easy to tell right away not only were they related but they were all very smart.

“Our parents had one kid, we have an older brother Roman. They tried for one more then got kids two through four and here we are,” Julia Molnar said.

The quadruplets were born at 33.5 weeks. The firstborn was Luke Molnar, the only boy out of the four. Then a minute after him was Abigail then a minute after her Julia then Rachael followed.

“On our birth certificates it says 11:59 p.m. for both of us (Julia and Rachael) so we’re always a little suspicious was it October 14th or was it the 15th?” Rachael said.

All four of the siblings are graduating with different degrees before heading off on their next adventures. All four are in science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs.

Julia is graduating with a degree in advanced manufacturing with a concentration in aerospace. Abigail is graduating with a degree in cybersecurity and a certificate in water studies. Rachael is graduating with a bachelor’s in integrative health care and a minor in biology. Luke is graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering technology and a minor in mathematics.

“We give all glory to God, first and foremost then our parents,” Julia said.

All three girls still live at home with their parents. They said they all share a bedroom so it’s kind of like their own dorm room experience. Luke moved out and lives in Lakewood.

“I guess it’s a bit different in a sense, I’m a little more independent from them,” Luke said.

Graduation day is May 12 and since all four are walking with their colleges they will be able to see each other graduate.

“I know we’re all celebrating right now, it’s a big deal to have four people graduate from college,” Abigail said. “All of the five kids in our family have graduated from college, we’re able to do it together.”

Both Julia and Abigail have jobs set up post-graduation. Luke is going to work at a summer camp and then start looking for jobs in the fall. Rachel will be continuing her education and returning to MSU in the fall to start graduate school for cybersecurity.

“They were our biggest supporters, letting us live at home and save some money and now they are excited to see us spread our wings and go,” Julia said about their parents.