DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver Sheriff’s sergeant is being suspended after getting a DUI following a birthday party.

Sgt. Jerry Sherrod was arrested April 9 on suspicion of DUI after leaving the birthday party of Denver Sheriff Elias Diggins, according to a discipline report. Diggins is one of his best friends, sources told FOX31.

Sherrod was taken into custody after he rolled his car on a dirt road. He blew a 0.134 on the breathalyzer, well over the legal 0.08 limit.

According to a disciplinary report, Sherrod said he drank whiskey while at the party and was unfamiliar with the area.

“I left the party… I was really unfamiliar with the neighborhood. So I thought I was just gonna just head in a – just a normal direction, meaning north, but the road that I was on turned into a dirt road. So sometimes kind of unfamiliar with the road, I just kind of slowed down and wanted to do a U-turn. But the road at the time was a gravel road. My car just kind of went off the road a little bit and – and turned,” Sherrod said during a discipline meeting, according to the report.

Sherrod said he was the only one in the car and that after the car rolled, he called 911. Sherrod has no relevant disciplinary history, according to the report.

Sherrod told the sheriff about the incident later that night and officially reported the crash to his employer two days later, according to the report.

Sherrod has been with the department since 2006. He will serve his suspension for 14 workdays starting Oct. 9. He can return on Nov. 2.