GEORGETOWN, Colo (KDVR) — Police are searching for the driver of a semi-truck that struck a bridge and damaged a house in Georgetown Monday evening. 

Sgt. John Gaskins of the Georgetown Police Department said a semi-truck driver crashed into the side of a bridge and dragged part of the railing through a house in the 700 block of Seventh Street just before 7 p.m. and took off. 

“It’s certainly one of the craziest incidents I’ve had to investigate here,” Gaskins said. 

Ring video captured the semi-truck leaving the area, believed to be heading west on Interstate 70 around 6:53 p.m. on Monday.

The truck was captured in Ring doorbell footage. (Georgetown Police Department)

But with no visible markings, Gaskins said it’s been challenging to track down.  

“All we have is a description of the tractor and trailer, which is a smaller white sleeper cab, pulling a 52- or 53-foot trailer,” Gaskins said. 

Jason and Amanda Finn told FOX31 they were home when everything happened. 

“I got up to look outside and I saw a semi-trailer dragging the railing for the bridge outside our house into our house,” Jason said.   

Amanda said she got trapped in the bathroom.  

“All of a sudden I heard these loud sounds and our house started shaking,” Amanda said. “I watched the walls of the bathroom crumble and I got pinned, locked in the bathroom, because the washer and dryer tipped over.” 

Jason came to the rescue. 

“I pulled her through what used to be a wall. All the water lines were spraying and I had to pull her through all the electricity lines and we were able to get out of the house,” Jason said. “I think we both thought the other one was dead.” 

Both were taken to the hospital for evaluation but came away with just some outer and inner bruising.  

“As hard as it is to see things destroyed, we’re honestly both just grateful, the three of us, our little dog and the two of us made it out, fairly unharmed,” the Finns said. “Now we just have to find another place to live and salvage what we can and replace what we can’t.”

The Finns are staying with family for the time being and tell FOX31 they are working to get the house surveyed to assess the damage. 

Georgetown Police said there’s no structural damage to the bridge, but are asking anyone who’s seen a semi-truck matching the description with damage to the left side to give them a call or reach out to the nearest local law enforcement.