DENVER (KDVR) — A Sedalia woman is thanking an international organization for safely getting her home from the volatile Middle East.

“Just the grace of God, we’re here,” Corinne Miller said after landing Wednesday night at Denver International Airport.

On Oct. 7, Miller and a good friend had set out for Tel Aviv, Israel. As soon as they landed, they knew there was trouble.

“From the beginning, when the first missiles hit,” she said.

Project Dynamo helps with escape from Israel

Miller credits a group called Project Dynamo with organizing a plan to get them and countless others out.

Project Dynamo is a search, rescue, aid and assistance nonprofit organization. The group, said Miller, quickly organized the trek from Cyprus to Athens to Cairo to Tampa to Denver.

Now, she’s one step closer to Sedalia.

“I didn’t know I’d be standing here, to be honest with you,” she said.