LAKESIDE, Colo. (KDVR) — A security image obtained by the Problem Solvers shows the tense scene that preceded the moment a 17-year-old youth corrections inmate allegedly stabbed a corrections officer before escaping custody on Tuesday.

17-year-old Juan Ocegueda is an inmate at Platte Valley Youth Services Center in Greeley. He was undergoing a procedure at Primary Dentist in Lakeside Tuesday when he escaped custody.

Credit: Mountain View Police Department – Escaped inmate, Juan Ocegueda, taken back into custody

Several police agencies searched for Juan Ocegueda in the Lakeside area near Edgewater for roughly four hours before arresting him just a block away from the scene. The corrections officer is expected to be treated and released from the hospital sometime Tuesday.

The sheriff’s office said Ocegueda was shackled and not handcuffed during the procedure. An employee of the dentist told FOX31 that his cuffs were removed so that Ocegueda could use the restroom.

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