DENVER (KDVR) — On Wednesday night, coworkers gathered in a southwest Denver parking lot to pay respects to a man who was gunned down 24 hours earlier.

Denver Police say Tuesday night, an individual was shot in the 200 block of South Federal Boulevard. Authorities later said that person succumbed to their injuries.

Sources told FOX31 the victim, a disc jockey who friends identified as Jason Perry, was serving in a security role and had helped to escort the suspect out of the business. Sources said the suspect later returned and shot and killed him in the parking lot of the business.

The next night, a small group gathered with balloons and flowers in a corner of the parking lot. Not far away sat a parked car, with flowers and a bottle of whiskey displayed on the windshield as a makeshift memorial.

“DJs are very close,” Henry Archuleta said. Archuleta is a longtime disc jockey and owner of KUHS streaming radio in Northglenn.

“You never know who’s in that crowd that could be possessing a weapon — a knife, gun or what have you — there,” Archuleta said. “You’re gonna lose your life, for nothing.”

Denver Police have not made any arrests in the case or released suspect information.