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DENVER (KDVR) — Security concerns have arisen at a Denver Rescue Mission shelter where a worker was killed over the weekend.

The Denver Rescue Mission worker was stabbed to death as he left for the evening Saturday night. It happened outside the facility in northwest Denver on East 48th Avenue.

We are told the murdered worker, Fabian Olguin was well-liked.  

“He was cleaning, sanitizing always making sure that everybody was healthy in here. Every time you said hello to him, he’d say good morning. He really stayed to himself and he worked very hard,” resident Robert Searcy said.

Christopher Christian has been charged with the stabbing. Christian, the affidavit said, had been kicked out of the facility Friday night for fighting.  

The affidavit points out that Christian should have not been at the shelter Saturday night.

The report said the 30-year-old worker was not involved in the previous altercation with Christian. Olguin had nothing to do with it.

A former worker told FOX31 security concerns have been brewing at the mission for some time now.

That worker said security had been cut and they were concerned for their safety.

“The Denver Rescue Mission has security presence as part of the standard operations,” Department of Housing Stability Communications Director Derek Woodbury said.

On Monday, Mayor Michael Hancock was at the shelter and said he spoke with the facility about security issues.

We were not told if the facility has full-time security guards.

Some residents said they too are concerned there is not enough security. They are worried someone else could die if more safety measures are not put in place soon.

A spokesman for the mission said Monday security was increased over the weekend.

They are meeting today to reassess further needs.