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DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Police Department and other law enforcement agencies have been sending out warnings to stay away from downtown if you don’t like large crowds.

Police have been coordinating with other agencies and organizations as three large events all take place at once.

A number of plans are in place to help keep people safe and crowds under control in Denver this weekend.

Denver Police say there will be a “large police presence” for the Avs game Friday night.

That beefed-up force will on hand all weekend to address any safety concerns at Roe v. Wade events and PrideFest.

Denver’s Office of Emergency Management is on standby too.

“We use CDOT cameras. We look for suspicious activity in the area. We are able to see 911 calls for service to identify if there is a big uptick in calls, where is that coming from, and might that be an incident where we might need to up our resources,” Denver OEM Manager Mikayla Ortega said.

Understandably, law enforcement agencies are not giving details of their strategies.

But public safety and security experts say keeping an eye on all of the events is necessary.

“There is a potential that these three different groups may cross paths and you really don’t want that,” John Jay College of Criminal Justice adjunct lecturer Brian Higgins said.

Brian Higgins teaches emergency incident management and said all potential threats must be assessed and crowds must be managed.

“Once the crowd gets completely out of control bringing it under control is much more difficult,” Higgins said.

Social media is also being closely watched.

“We see after an event that there were some indicators that indicated how the events were going to pan out, and they were missed at times,” Higgins told FOX31.

No threats so far, but some churches have been vandalized in response to the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade issues.

The Denver Diocese said Friday it sent parishes instructions on security considerations and best practices.

Brian Higgins said law enforcement agencies often post a lot of officers out of sight.

They are around in case there is trouble, but many times you just cannot see them.