DENVER (KDVR) — A secure bike parking facility could be coming to the Union Station area by spring to help combat rising bike thefts.  

Denver has had 9672 bicycle thefts reported so far this year, that’s an average of 44 per day.  

A lot of apartment and office buildings have secure bike parking, so now the Downtown Denver Partnership is working with the City and County of Denver to create a public bike hub.  

They already have a permit for it at Tail Tracks Plaza which is just a block away from Union Station, Ball Arena, restaurants and hospitality.  

Now here is an idea of what it could look like. These are just renderings and concepts as they are not in the planning design stage just yet. 

Joshua Schneider, Downtown Denver Partnership
Joshua Schneider, Downtown Denver Partnership
Joshua Schneider, Downtown Denver Partnership

It could be anything from short-term to long-term access and utilizing keycard, app-based or membership access.  

The cost is still being worked out but one thing they will be basing it off is the demographic demand. 

From their annual travel study and special report this past year, they found retail and hospitality interests are higher than others. 

 “We also know there is a particular demand for people who are maybe working at hospitality jobs where they are getting out of work late, or their bike is parked there all day long, not just making a quick trip — so it’s nice to have that type of amenity to be able to securely park your bike,” said Andrew Ilteis, Vice President of Planning and Community Impact.  

Right now, they are anticipating the hub to hold 50 to 75 bikes.  

Depending on how this goes, it can give them a better idea of the demand, with a possibility of adding more to other areas around downtown.