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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — Two bears sighted in Steamboat Springs have been euthanized this month.

Local resident, Mitch Globe, captured photos of a bear caught by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and video of another bear in his neighbor’s yard.

“Popped up right where you see it popping up in the video, on that deck,” Globe said.

Globe has lived in Steamboat Springs almost four decades.

“Steamboat has changed significantly since I moved here,” he said.

He said there might be people who don’t know what to do or need to be reminded how not to attract a bear.

“No one here wants to see any wildlife moved on,” Globe said.

Bears aren’t so much of a concern for Globe or his family.

“Mainly because we have a dog, and she’s a great early detection system.”

That early detection system is enough for him to avoid the beasts, but sightings have become more common.

“In the last couple of years, I would say more frequent,” he said.

“I happened to go out for a walk and I walked right passed the case and was able to take that picture,” Globe said of the animal captured on Thursday.

It might be the last photo of that animal alive. CPW confirmed the bear was put down because they say it lost its fear of humans.

The bear reportedly opened an unlocked sliding door and got its “reward.”

“I think everybody is kind of aware that they need to be more vigilant from the perspective of the safety of the bear,” Globe said.

He said the issue came up at his homeowners meeting, reminding neighbors new and old how to avoid encounters with wildlife.

CPW said bears will go where they smell food. Globe said it’s a rule he lives by.

“If you’re cooking and your doors are open and there’s bears outside, they’re going to try to come into your house,” Globe said.

CPW previously set a trap for the bear that was put down on Thursday and told FOX31 a new trap will be set for this bear caught on video.