DENVER (KDVR) — The largest seat belt enforcement period of the year begins on Monday, May 15. The Colorado Department of Transportation will join the Colorado State Patrol and 46 participating law enforcement agencies for a campaign that will continue for 21 days.

CDOT reports that last summer between the months of June and August there were 201 deadly car crashes on Colorado’s roadways.

FOX31 spoke to several motorists who provided various reasons for making sure to buckle up.

“Because my wife tells me to,” one Cherry Creek driver said.

Law enforcement emphasizes that your safety is the number one reason to take the time to put on your seat belt.

“We see the tragic consequences of motorists not wearing their seat belts every day,” CSP Chief Colonel Matthew C. Packard said in an issued statement.

“No matter how safe you are behind the wheel, you can’t control drivers and conditions around you. Buckling up not only is the law, but it’s also a proven way to reduce injuries and save lives in the event of a crash,” Packard said.

Last year, 2,755 drivers were issued seat belt citations during the state campaign. Many are unfamiliar with the cost of a ticket.

“I’m going to guess $50,” one driver said.

Fines for not buckling up start at $65, and parents or caregivers caught with an improperly restrained child can receive a minimum fine of $82.

Eighty-seven percent of Colorado drivers use their seatbelts, which is below the national average of 91.6%.

“The Heat Is On” campaign, which cracks down on drunk driving, begins on Tuesday, May 16. The effort, which runs through Memorial Day, has 68 agencies involved.