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WOODLAND PARK, Colo. — New documents in the suspected killing of Woodland Park woman Kelsey Berreth were released Wednesday. The documents include dozens of search warrants executed against Patrick Frazee, who is accused of killing Berreth.

Frazee was Berreth’s fiance and the father of their young child.

The last known sighting of Berreth was in Woodland Park on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 22.

The evidence documented in the search warrants includes text messages between cellphones belonging to Frazee and Berreth. The texts below were sent the evening of Nov. 23. However, authorities believe Berreth was killed the afternoon of Nov. 22, according to an arrest affidavit.

“Actually do you mind keeping [redacted] tonight? Sorry I’m really tired and stressed out. Call me in the morning when you guys wake up,” one text from Berreth’s phone to Frazee’s reads.

“Sure I don’t mind. What’s going on? Are you OK? Do you need anything or can I do anything?” Frazee responded.

“No I’m fine, just worn out. Talk to you guys tomorrow,” the next text from Berreth’s phone said.

“OK if you do please let me know,” Frazee replied.

Another document describes an interview between a Colorado Bureau of Investigations agent and Frazee.

According to the agent, Frazee said that when the child he had with Berreth was born early, it required extra medical care and could not immediately spend time with Frazee and Berreth. This reportedly infuriated Frazee, who began to verbally abuse the nursing staff. This led to social services being called, and the child was removed from Frazee’s care until a safety evaluation could be performed to determine whether Frazee was physically abusing Berreth.

The CBI agent also said that Frazee later stated that he should have “killed” the nurse that reported him.

Authorities believe Frazee killed Berreth at her Woodland Park home.

A number of surfaces in her bathroom tested positive for blood, including the floor, ceiling and walls, according to the documents released Wednesday.

Authorities are currently searching a landfill outside of Fountain for Berreth’s remains.