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DENVER — E-scooters are no longer allowed on Denver sidewalks, but in the two months since that became the law, little has changed.

Riders aren’t allowed to use scooters on sidewalks, only on streets or bike lanes with a few exceptions.

But in downtown, several people still can be seen riding the scooters on sidewalks.

There have been 18 scooter-related accidents since the law was passed in August.

The Denver Police Department said the accident count is likely much higher because it only knows about ones when an ambulance or law enforcement are involved.

Police said it’s too early to ticket those who are breaking the law. Officers are working on educating riders and issuing warnings.

“It’s going to take a while so we ask for people’s patience,” Lt. Robert Rock said. “Let’s get the word out and get the message out.”

Police don’t have an exact date for when they will start issuing tickets, but they’ll make a public announcement before it happens.

Since e-scooters came to Denver in summer 2018, people have traveled 4 million miles collectively on city streets.

The city plans to post signs and potentially have scooter companies put signage on the devices.