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WINDSOR, Colo. — Windsor Charter Academy’s decision to install cameras in its high school bathrooms isn’t sitting well with some parents who argue the move violates their students’ right to privacy.

Windsor Charter Academy executive director Rebecca Teeples said the installation of cameras improves safety for students while helping secure the building.

“We had surveillance cameras in our plans from the very start. It was part of the design of the new wing,” Teeples said. “We want to make sure our students are safe and secure.”

Trevor Garrett, a parent of three students at Windsor Charter Academy, said the decision violates students’ right to privacy.

“The first word that comes to mind is disgusting,” Garrett said. “I never thought it would be on anyone’s mind to put cameras in bathrooms anywhere.”

Garrett said he also worries about students who might change in the restrooms for after-school activities or other circumstances where students might be exposed outside of the stalls.

“My gut reaction is, I’m a father, I want to protect my children and I’m going to protect any kids in here,” Garrett said. “I think when we sacrifice privacy for the sake of safety, it’s a very slippery slope.

“At what point does it cross that threshold and violate rights? I think [in this situation] this violates rights.”

“It makes me really uncomfortable going in there,” said Garrett’s middle school student Kaylee Garrett.

Teeples said the cameras will be confined to the school’s high school bathrooms because the stalls go from the floor to the ceiling.

“When you have our traditional stalls, as you do in our middle school, you would never put a camera in a bathroom like that,” Teeples said.

Teeples said only school administration and the technology team have access to the footage.

Teeples said the cameras aren’t monitored constantly and footage will only be viewed if there is a need to see it.