DENVER (KDVR) — A Cherry Creek School District parent is demanding change after an alleged anti-Semitic incident at a middle school.

Rikki Mor wrote a letter to the superintendent and school board after she was told about an alleged incident involving a friend’s son, during school. Mor said it happened after students had watched a movie about the Holocaust.

“Some students rolled up their sleeves and, they had drawn swastikas on themselves,” she said.

Mor read her letter, at Monday night’s school board meeting at Cherokee Trail High School.
Mor has a daughter who attends Cherry Creek High School, which is also part of the Cherry Creek School District.

She said she met with the superintendent earlier in the day on Monday.

“We made a lot of, I think, inroads into how to make things better,” she added.

One of the ways she hopes the environment gets better: through the creation of a task force, comprising administrators, parents and students.

“If we can at least address it at the school level, hopefully then there is an impact at the schools and other places as well,” Mor said.