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DENVER (KDVR) — A Greeley-based monster-making company has opened an interactive monster art show in Denver. 

Located at the Denver Pavilions retail district, what started out as a temporary show has taken root. It is called Distortions Monster World, Monsters to Midnight.

More than 35 displays depict everything from possessed babies to Sigourney Weaver‘s full-size alien replica.

”This is an M-41 pulse rifle. It’s an official, licensed weapon from the movie ‘Aliens,’ James Cameron’s alien film,” said Nate Webb, Monsters to Midnight show producer.

Everything you will see, hear and touch was created by Distortions in Greeley.

“They produce monsters out of latex, foam and rubber for movies, Halloween haunted houses, exhibits, television and film and rock ‘n’ roll,” Webb said.

The monster art show opened a year ago and was only supposed to be temporary. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, it has remained open every single day since then.

“It is so popular. People want something to escape into, and monsters are a great escape,” Webb said.

It is not a haunted house. It is actually one part art show and one part monsters on display.

According to Webb — a really nice distraction from the truly scary things going on right now.