DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Police Department is warning the community of a new scam that is directly aimed at older adults where the caller claims to be a family member who is in jail and in need of money.

According to DPD, there have been two similar reports of this type of scam in the month of October. Police said that in both instances a person called the victims claiming to be their son and said they were jailed for a car crash.

DPD said the caller was either crying or stating they suffered a facial injury in the alleged crash as a way to conceal the difference in the tone of their voice in comparison to the victims’ sons.

The scammer claims they need money for either bail or because the car crash led to serious injury or death to another person involved. According to DPD, the scammers would then instruct the victims to withdraw money from their bank, put it in an envelope, and then meet up with someone to give them the money.

DPD said the transferring of the envelopes would usually occur at the victim’s home causing a significant personal safety concern.

According to DPD, the in-person money transfer, as seen in these cases, is a new element in fraud cases.

DPD encourages the community to speak to their older adult loved ones and warn them of this scam and report any incidents to their local police department immediately.