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DENVER (KDVR) — Another historic Denver restaurant could soon be searching for a new home. 
The Saucy Noodle in Denver’s Bonnie Brae neighborhood is facing a potential demolition after 56 years of serving up homemade meatballs and lasagna. 

Owner Erin Markham says she found out Monday, when staff noticed a “Certificate of Demolition Eligibility Application” taped to the front window. 

“I was greeted by my staff, who said there was a big scary sign that was posted to the window,” she said. “I immediately thought maybe it was some big mistake.” 

The building is owned by Harry Sterling, under Bonnie Brae Retail LLC. 

Sterling did not return requests for comment Tuesday. 

The application is common for building owners looking to demolish a building but who are uncertain about a structure’s landmark status. 

Across the street, the Bonnie Brae Tavern is also facing a potential upheaval.

Markham is not planning to submit an application for landmark designation, and instead is hoping to move the Saucy Noodle to a new location. 

“Most likely no,” she said of fighting the decision. “But I appreciate and understand people wanting to put up a good fight for us.” 

The restaurant has a lease through the end of 2020, according to Markham. 

“Next week we’ll regroup and see what we’re going to do, and where we’re going to go, and how we can continue this legacy somewhere else,” she said.