DENVER (KDVR) — Deputies in San Miguel County had some strong words for people who venture into the backcountry unprepared for the conditions.

On Monday, the San Miguel Sheriff’s Office tweeted about a vehicle that got stuck on Black Bear Pass even though the pass was not officially open.

“Although Black Bear Pass is NOT officially open, we do have a vehicle stuck below ‘the stairs,’ partially off the roadway, with the road completely blocked. There are more than a dozen vehicles behind it,” said the sheriff’s office in a tweet.

The sheriff’s office said the pass is closed despite the rumors surfacing on social media. The vehicle had to be towed out so that the cars behind the stuck vehicle could be cleared.

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According to the office, it is believed that people drove up the pass and dug out deep snow in order to continue their drive. The pass is closed because the county needs to do some mitigation work and clear rocks that can cause a rockslide.

However, that warning didn’t seem to matter to those that got stuck.

When the San Miguel Sheriff’s Office learned more about how people were getting through Black Bear Pass, they had a strong message.

“Some people have it together and know what they’re doing, but some who venture up there are complete a** clowns. We may not be able to reach you if you have an emergency up there, so be prepared to abandon your vehicle, be stranded, or be seriously injured and inconvenienced,” said the sheriff’s office on Twitter.

The sheriff’s office said Black Bear Pass is dangerous and requires the right experience and vehicle to get through safely.

“It is your responsibility to know before venturing into the backcountry, whether hiking a trail, or driving on a pass if the area is open and can be traveled safely,” said the sheriff’s office.

So, next time you decide to take a trip to Colorado’s backcountry, be sure to check the pass conditions.