LAFAYETTE, Colo. (KDVR) — The Salvation Army in Denver reports a $15,000 grant from FedEx they said will fund meals and so much more in the coming weeks as the needs of fire victims change week to week.

They have kept people fed for the week since the Marshall Fire, but the Salvation Army admits that at some point, stock can go empty.

“The gift came at a great time. We were getting somewhat near to the end of our resources for providing meals,” Salvation Army Major Richard Pease said.

A week after devastating fires, aid groups say people’s needs shift from just something to eat.

“What we don’t use for meals will be used down the road, along with other donations, for unmet needs that come up as the recovery continues,” Pease said.

Thats’ good news for volunteers eager to help.

“If we’re here for two months, three months, I’m going to be here,” volunteer Phil Rutledge said.

He’s serving up corn, barbecue sandwiches, burgers and compassion for fire victims.

“Even though we have to wear a mask, we try to smile so they can see it our eyes,” Rutledge said.

It might just be a warm meal on a cold night, but the mission is meaningful for these folks.

“Look around the room, it’s just amazing. All these groups came together and are unified for one purpose,” Rutledge said.

“So far the Salvation Army has received a little over $300,000 in private donations,” Pease said.

Pease added that money will fund whatever it is families will need in the coming weeks: clothing, shelter or more food.

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