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ARVADA, Colo. — RTD has ramped up the testing of its G Line from downtown Denver to Arvada and Wheat Ridge.

It’s a necessary, but noisy operation and has residents complaining about the train horns.

Train operators have to blow the horns and RTD still has to have flaggers along the line because new safety crossing technology still has not been approved.

The trains are running every 15 minutes, but the real killer is the schedule.

The trains start to roll and the horns start to blow at 3:30 a.m. A lot of people living along the line, even blocks away from the tracks, say enough is enough.

“It’s loud because it wakes you up at night,” Arvada resident Carol Zinanti said. “Starts way down on either side. They should have resolved this problem by now”

“It will wake you up, that’s for sure, especially since my unit is closest to the tracks,” Arvada resident Michelle Gore said. “But it’s a necessary evil to get the tracks back open.”

RTD has no firm date for the opening of the G Line or when the horns will stop.