DENVER (KDVR) — Some members of RTD’s Board of Directors don’t agree with the proposed changes to the transit system’s safety policy.

The proposed changes come after high-profile incidents and issues at Union Station and on the transit system.

Joyann Ruscha, one director on RTD’s board, said some rules for riders could be more clear.

“Being simple sometimes goes further,” Ruscha said.

How to improve safety on RTD?

The debate centers around how to keep riders on buses and rail lines safer. Ruscha said more rules and more officers are not the best answer.

“I am talking about simplifying our language,” Ruscha said. “Some of our rules are a little redundant. They kind of say the same thing.”

One example Ruscha offered is a proposed rule that would prohibit riders from staying on a bus or train until the last stop, requiring them to get off and pay a new fare.

“That has been described to the board as a way to combat fares evasion, but fares evasion, that’s already a rule,” Ruscha said.

A ban on the use of electrical outlets at stops is just one way Ruscha said riders could face discrimination.

“I don’t believe that the agency has presented a strong enough case for banning the use of electrical outlets, or essentially asking our PD (police department) and our operators to profile individuals to determine if they have a place to go or not,” Ruscha said.

Adding more internal security as RTD employees is one plan Ruscha supports, but she encouraged adding more resources for mental health and homeless outreach.

Police chief does not advocate ‘over-criminalizing’

Joel Fitzgerald, RTD’s chief of police, said his proposed safety changes are not intended to be problematic to the mission at hand.

“I’m from inner-city Philadelphia, you know? I am not the face of over-criminalizing people, nor would I advocate,” Fitzgerald said.

RTD’s board meets again on Feb. 28, when directors could potentially change safety proposals or adopt them as they are.

The public will be allowed to give input at that meeting.