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BOULDER, Colo (KDVR) — The skier who was killed Tuesday after colliding with a snowboarder on Eldora Mountain has been identified as Ron LeMaster.

The man from Boulder had been teaching ski techniques for decades. LeMaster was described as a coach’s coach who was always trying to help instructors improve their craft, and he was renowned in the industry for his vast knowledge of the sport.

“In our community, he was a huge contributor that offered a lot in terms of education that helped us love the sport and understand the sport,” said Nicholas Herrin, CEO of the Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snow Board Instructors, based in Lakewood.

Herrin said LeMaster often contributed to 32 Degrees, a magazine produced by the association.

For 32 years, LeMaster toiled at making others better, even moreso with pictures and video he took himself to help others improve techniques.

“He was able to break it down and make it simple for instructors to figure out how to communicate it clearly to others,” Herrin said.

Those who knew him said LeMaster had a wealth of knowledge as a coach and ski school trainer. He was described as an icon who focused on the efficiency mechanics so everyday people could enjoy the sport just a little more.

LeMaster also wrote several books, including “Ultimate Skiing” and “The Skier’s Edge.”

“Ron pioneered the use of biomechanics in ski instruction,” said Jason Muzinic, vice president of Human Kinetics, which published LeMaster’s books. “His work advanced coaching within the sport and helped countless skiers around the globe. We are proud to have worked with him. He’ll be missed.”

The ski and snowboard instructors association is now trying to plan how they will honor LeMaster.

Meanwhile, investigators say the snowboarder who collided with LeMaster is cooperating.