THORNTON, Colo. (KDVR) — A Thornton woman is hoping to find a new home after receiving a notification from the city alerting residents of an inspection showing no heat in the building.

Vercie Floyd told FOX31 that she is proud of building a life for herself by working hard and overcoming difficult circumstances. But she fears she will be in need of a new home after waiting for months for her low-income housing certification and living without heat.

“I had to turn on my oven and stay warm,” she said. Floyd must also check on and care for her 74-year-old mother, who is disabled.

“You’re taking care of your mother, to get her to the doctor’s appointments, making sure she’s eating,” she said.

Searching for peace of mind

Floyd showed FOX31 a notice from the City of Thornton alerting residents at the Rockview Terrace Apartments that the building was deemed dangerous because the boilers had not been repaired and the heat was out.

A city spokesperson said the boilers have now been repaired, but Floyd wants more peace of mind.

“I just want a nice place for me and my family to go to and to call home,” she said.

Floyd said the Department of Human Services did reach out to her on Wednesday. She qualifies for a new apartment and is not under a lease, but is hoping to find a new home soon.