DENVER (KDVR) — Whether you’re trying to find the best place for lunch or maybe the cheapest gas prices, you are likely going to Google to search for something.

Google Trends recently released to the top searches on the search engine for 2022.

According to the Google Trends data, these are the top 10 trending “near me” searches for Denver:

  1. Roast beef sandwich near me
  2. Funeral homes near me
  3. Cremation near me
  4. Chicken sandwich near me
  5. Gas prices near me
  6. Cheapest gas near me
  7. Pilates near me
  8. Passport photos near me
  9. Emergency room near me
  10. Movies near me

Here are some other things Google Trends said Denver is searching for:

  • Electronic dance music was searched more in Denver than anywhere else in the U.S.
  • Denver was the only place in the U.S. that has osprey bird as its top trending animal
  • Denver searched for “movies near me” more than anywhere else
  • Green goddess salad was the top trending recipe search in Denver
  • Rap was Denver’s top searched music genre

The mostsearched thing on Google for 2022 was Wordle.