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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Residents at an apartment building in Aurora say they’re dealing with mice, roaches, feces and trash in their common areas and in their homes.

“You see they don’t have no kinds of lock on no doors,” Tashaira Williams said.

She’s a resident at the Bahamas Apartment building. She said it’s anything but a paradise for the people who live there and took FOX31 on a tour.

Williams pointed out feces, along with several dead mice in a courtyard.

Williams has lived there with her children for six months.

“I feel terrible,” Williams said. “I don’t feel safe here. My kids don’t even feel safe. They can’t even lay down on their own couch without something crawling on them.”

Maintenance crews were on site picking up some garbage, but they berated Williams about an eviction notice.

“I’m not paying rent in no nasty thing. It’s nasty, sorry sir, it’s nasty,” Williams replied.

Inside her unit, Williams pointed out roaches under the sink, holes behind her fridge and leaks in her pipes, where she uses a towel to soak up the water.

Even Williams’ neighbors showed FOX31 bites they say they’re getting overnight while they sleep.

FOX31 reached out to the building’s manager for comment.

Twice, while on a phone call with CBZ Management, which manages the building, the calls were dropped.

FOX31 tried to reach out to management again and were forwarded to a message that they’re no longer receiving calls.

Several residents in the building told FOX31 that they’re currently facing eviction.