BOULDER, Colo (KDVR) — Video captured from a Ring camera early Thursday morning shows two mountain lions walking through the backyard of a Boulder home.

It was a rare find for Bob Dornan and his wife who have lived in Boulder for three years.

“We’ve had a number of mountain lions come by,” Dornan said. “Maybe a couple every year I would say.” 

But never two together.

“It’s fairly unusual to see two of them that close together,” Dornan said.

He said he checks their security cameras every morning.

“Sometimes they’re burglars and sometimes they’re critters,” Dornan said. “Sometimes they’re more interesting than others.” 

The Dornans have had their fair share of visitors living across from Eben G. Fine Park on Arapahoe.

“We had three times when bears came up and tore the screen doors off of our sliding glass doors trying to get in,” Dornan said. 

After that, Dornan said he put up steel bars outside their sliding back door. He calls it a ‘bear-i-cade’.

“One night that worked out because I came face-to-face with a bear five feet away trying to get in,” Dornan said. “The only thing that kept us apart were those three steel bars.” 

Kara Van Hoose with Colorado Parks and Wildlife said mountain lions are more likely to be seen at lower elevations in the winter.

“They follow their food, so if deer are going into more metro areas, then mountain lions will too,” Van Hoose said.

Van Hoose admits it’s hard to know why the two were traveling together.

“It’s more common to see one by themselves, but without us seeing these mountain lions ourselves or having tags on them, we really just speculate why they could be together,” Van Hoose said. “Seeing and living with wildlife is one of the great things about living in Colorado, but we really do have a responsibility to be stewards of our land and keep wildlife wild.” 

For the Dornan’s, it’s a sighting they’ll never forget.

“I consider ourselves privileged to have this opportunity,” Dornan said. “Wouldn’t trade it.”