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DENVER (KDVR) — Since COVID-19 hit and the ensuing restrictions, millions of Americans are working from home. Now, slowly, that is beginning to change and people are returning to their physical places of work. 

For months, downtown Denver has been a ghost town. Thousands upon thousands of employees, have been working from home. “It completely shut down. Not just us but the entire city,” said Frank Harney, Officescapes market developer.

But slowly, the ghosts are leaving and human beings are returning to get to work.

For Harney, workers returning to work is only inevitable.

“I definitely think it’s inevitable. I mean how are companies going to onboard new people? Where is the transfer of knowledge going to come from if we’re not live in the office. Where does that creative spirit come from?” said Harney.

That spirit is certainly there for downtown Denver office worker Brandy Tetley.

“The overall well-being of us mentally, physically and stuff like that so I love being here, I want to be here every day,” said Tetley.

Barry Carson from Mojodesk has developed a workspace that provides security for office workers, physically and maybe more importantly emotionally. 

“It’s kind of naturally antibacterial, so it really serves a great purpose for the COVID cough and sneeze protection,” said Carson.

Harney says team building, learning from other employees and company identity are sacrificed when working from home. 

“Mentally it has become very very hard on us when we do not have human interaction and we never get to leave our house. We are stuck in our house now 24-7. It has been very hard the last year,” said Harney.

If nothing else, says Harney, workers need to come back for morale sake.