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ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. — A retired Adams County sheriff’s deputy reread a poem she wrote to commemorate fallen law enforcement on Thursday after the death of an Adams County deputy on Wednesday night.

Betty Lowden first wrote the poem a few years ago after a deputy died in the line of duty.

She brought the poem back on Thursday after deputy Heath Gumm was shot and killed while out on a call.

“It’s sad, our world is turning the way it is. I wish we could go back to the way it used to be,” said Lowden.

Lowden was in law enforcement for years. She said she was one of the first female deputies sworn into the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.

“I loved dealing with people and my goal was to help people,” Lowden said.

Lowden said she didn’t know Gumm; he started after she retired. Nevertheless, she said the words she wrote remain relevant in his death.

“The news travels fast all over town. Those dreadful words ‘Officer is down,'” she read. “It’s only then they get praised for doing their best for the badge they wore upon their chest.”

Lowden hopes people will remember her words and the sacrifices law enforcement make every day.

“In a situation like this [shoooting], they realize, they stop and realize how much they really mean to them,” Lowden said.

The Badge

They wear a badge upon there chest
They take a vow to do the best
They live every day by the oath they swear. They are proud of the uniform they wear.

They will reach out to those who are sad. Sometimes have to take down those who are bad.
Many times when they out there all alone. There families Wonders  if they are coming home.

The news travels fast all over town
Those dreadful words “Officer is down”
It’s only then they get praised for doing their best for the Badge they wore upon their chest.