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DENVER — An investigation continues into the cause of a deadly fire on Wednesday in Denver’s North Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Plenty of questions remain about the fire on East 18th Avenue and Emerson Street that killed two construction workers.

Over the weekend, many of the people in the surrounding neighborhoods were allowed back into their homes for the first time since the fire.

An entire block remains fenced off and unaccessible — and that includes all of the homes down the block.

Investigators have still not said what started the fire that also injured at least six others, including a firefighter.

The fire damaged dozens of nearby apartments and offices that have been fenced off and marked as unsafe.

Over the weekend, people who live in the neighborhood were escorted back in during the day to collect items such as clothing, medical equipment and family documents.

The city is hoping everyone that needed personal items got them.

Residents will now have to wait for power to return and for inspection to happen before they can return.

There could be multiple problems, from utilities to smoke damage. Officials will take it on a case-by-case basis, unit-by-unit and building-by-building.

The city is warning some homeowners that it might be weeks before they’re allowed to return home.

The city has set up a help page on its website for those impacted by the fire.