DENVER (KDVR) — The Common Sense Institute released its November crime snapshot report Friday, suggesting that even as crime rates fell in all seven of Colorado’s neighboring states, crime in Colorado is on the rise.

CSI’s report compares 2012 rates to 2022, detailing what’s changed in the past decade.

Overall, crime has increased by 21.6%, the Institute reported. Neighboring states’ crime rates appear to have fallen by approximately 28% during that same time period. CSI reported that national crime rates have fallen even more — 28.3%.

“When it comes to crime, Colorado is still outpacing both neighboring states and the nation,” said CSI Executive Director Kelly Caufield. “In fact, from 2012 to 2022, Colorado is the only state among seven of its neighbors to experience a crime rate increase.”

Colorado holds the dubious titles of third in the nation for property crime and eighth in the nation for violent crime.

According to Cale Gould, of the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority, auto thefts are down after some harrowing years for drivers.

“Our motor vehicle theft has increased for the last several years. We’re happy to report in 2023, we’re down considerably,” says Gould.

He says mid-year legislation has served as a further deterrent.

“Previously, Colorado was based on a dollar amount, that was tied to the vehicle, as far as how the crime was assessed,” Gould said. “Whereas now, there’s aggravating factors. Circumstances that move away from the dollar amount.”