GREELEY, Colo. (KDVR) — A family that was displaced after a massive pipe leak at a Greeley apartment building said they’re getting reminders to pay their rent in January, despite the fact they aren’t living there anymore.

Photos provided by Gilbert Riojas show the extent of the mold damage to his furniture. Riojas said his expecting wife and three children are being told they have until Saturday to remove their belongings from the apartment where they were living.

“The email that we received today was telling us that the rent’s due on the first,” Riojas said.

After a massive pipe leak at their apartment building, Riojas said he’s heard nothing else official from property management.

“That’s basically it,” Riojas said, “no other kind of proactive messages from them at all.”

Moldy furniture, little communication

Riojas said he has talked over the phone with a property manager, mostly about how and when to get his belongings out of the apartment.

“She said that she hasn’t exactly set a time or a date for us to be out yet,” Riojas said, “but she would like it to move as quickly as possible.”

The family has moved some items from the apartment but will likely need to toss out others.

“A lot of our furniture has mold already all over it, so we’re going to have to throw away a lot of our stuff,” Riojas said.

He said they have had little by way of communication from their property managers. After the holidays, they are displaced and, in many aspects, homeless.

“We’ve had to rent a truck to go and try to get some of our stuff out, move it to storage, because we haven’t found a place to live yet,” Riojas said.

Rent reminder sent to displaced residents

To add to the difficult moment they’re enduring, there’s another insult to injury, regarding their reminder to pay rent in January.

“We’ve been in that apartment for five years and I’ve never seen a reminder like that,” Riojas said.

FOX31 reached out to the apartment managers, who said before that the requests were sent to the leasing company’s attorneys. The property management company is Atlas Real Estate.

FOX31 has yet to receive a response to a request for comment about the situation these residents are experiencing.