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DENVER — A cyber attack forced Regis University in northwest Denver to shut down its campus internet. The shut-down began Tuesday. As of Sunday, the university’s email accounts, online programs and class schedules remained unavailable.

Regis officials say their systems were affected by a malicious threat from outside of the university, likely based outside the country.

WebAdvisor, which is used for things like class registration and some payments, was also offline.

“There’s definitely the added level of stress going in not knowing what books you’re going to need or have to buy. But everybody at Regis is pretty great about communicating and helping each other out,” said incoming Regis sophomore Trinity Corwin.

Students will have to report to Clarke Hall atrium or Claver Hall’s third-floor hallway between 7:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. this Monday through Wednesday to pick up a hard copy of their schedule.

Corwin says she’ll be in line for her schedule first thing Monday morning, ahead of an 8 a.m. class.

“I know what classes I’m taking — I don’t remember what room they’re in, I don’t remember who the professor is exactly. Trying to figure that out and see where I have to go on campus and when — and remember all the times and stuff — is going to be a little difficult,” Corwin told FOX31.

The university has not yet said when the school website and all its services will go back online.

Regis is posting updates about the outage online.