GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. (KDVR) — Video obtained by the Problem Solvers shows a referee attacking two players at a Greenwood Village fitness center during a pickup basketball game Thursday night.

The referee is seen shoving one player and then punching another, one of the men involved said that punch led to a black eye.

Since the incident, which happened at PickUp USA Fitness, a police report has been filed.

“You want it to be all about the game, as an official, and not about you or anybody else,” Michael Wilder, an experience youth basketball referee, said.

Wilder has been a ref for youth academic and club-level leagues for five years.

“This video, there’s not a lot of control in that aspect of things and that’s what official’s jobs are, mainly to control the situation,” Wilder said.

After the incident, a relative of one of the men involved told the Problem Solvers they filed a report against the ref with Greenwood Village Police.

The Problem Solvers requested a copy of the report but have not received any word from investigators.

The main responsibility of any official, Wilder said, is to remain a neutral party in any competition.

“For that official to go from a neutral emotional state to a high emotional state,” Wilder said, “that shouldn’t happen because you’re not a player on the court, your job is to control.”

Wilder said every referee is scrutinized in real time which can take a toll on your mood, but referees have to rely on professionalism and cooperation with their partners in striped shirts.

“It also goes back to your partner and your crew that you’re working with,” Wilder said. “The partners around him should’ve had a little more control of the situation too, as well.”

The general manager of the Greenwood Village fitness center told the Problem Solvers the referees are paid employees of the gym and the referee caught on camera was fired after the incident happened.