DENVER (KDVR) — The Powerball jackpot is up to a massive $1.9 billion, with a cash option of $929 million, and here are just a few things you could do with that kind of money.

Coloradans with winning lottery tickets claimed 2,600,000 bucks, but, even with that cash, the Powerball still remains without a big winner.

Meghan Dougherty, the Colorado lottery communications manager told us they’re just as anxious as the rest of us.

“It’s exciting. It is literally a world record Guinness world record type Powerball. It’s never been done in the world before to have it this high,” Dougherty said.

No one has managed to match up all of the winning Powerball numbers since Aug. 3, extending the drawings to 41 since then. Pushing it to the kind of money that would change any Coloradans life and what you could buy is truly astounding.

We have a few ideas if you took the cash option of $929 million.

The median cost of a house in the Denver metro sits at $575,000, meaning you could buy 1,615 homes. You could also afford the most expensive Denver home listed on Zillow. This north Cherry Creek mansion sits at $15 million including heated floors and a speakeasy.

While you couldn’t buy the Denver Broncos, you could build a stadium mile-high size, only costing you a mere $635 million on average construction cost, still having 30% of your earnings left over.

And continuing on the sports trend, you’d never have to worry about Avalanche tickets again.

The most expensive season tickets are about $395 per game and with an average of around 40 home games a year, that’s enough money for over 58,000 tickets.

Or you could always take the $1.9 billion over time. Doughtery said, “It’s just been creeping up to nearly $2 billion. It’s hard to wrap your head around a number that big for one or more lucky people.”

The payout for our parks and wildlife could be upwards of $10 million.

“People can go out to a state park and see lottery dollars since every state park in the state has lottery dollars in it. So it really goes to fund the places in Colorado where people play and whether you play or not, you win,” Dougherty said.

If that winning ticket is bought in Colorado that retailer gets $50,000.