DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is working to clear the ice and snow from side streets around the city.

The city says the last winter storm created challenges it doesn’t typically see this time of year, which helps to explain why the ice stuck around so long.

“This was definitely a very challenging snow event for us that we had,” Nancy Kuhn with DOTI says. “It was basically a very wet spring storm in the coldest time of year and so what that did, the snow got packed down very quickly and created icy conditions.”

DOTI uses smaller trucks that don’t carry deicer for the side streets, so those weren’t deployed until after the storm.

“On Thursday and Friday after the storm, we did put out the residential plows but by that time the snow had really packed down,” Kuhn said. “They’re not really very effective in those conditions. They’re not going to bring the streets to bare pavement, and they don’t have deicer.”

Typically, the city uses a dry deicer and liquid magnesium to pretreat the roads, however, that wasn’t done this time around because of the rain.

“Every forecast we’re going to look at the forecast decide how to respond,” Kuhn said

Now, the city is clearing the ice and snow left behind based on complaints submitted to the city through 3-1-1 or

“We encourage people, if you have a safety situation on your residential street, if it’s slippery, if it’s an intersection causing a safety problem, or can’t get from residential street to the main street to call us,” Kuhn said.