Recent drop in temperatures may cause health issues for some


DENVER (KDVR) – The recent drop in temperature may cause certain health symptoms, according to medical professionals. 

Nick Tsipis, associate medical director of the emergency room at Swedish Medical Center, said there are a few common symptoms that are often attributed to a drop in temperature. Those include joint pain, headaches and feeling lethargic. 

“When there are sudden, drastic changes in temperature or barometric pressure people are going to feel symptoms more quickly. They may feel run down for a variety of reasons,” said Tsipis. 

A cold snap can also lower a person’s ability to fight off illness.

“The weather in and of itself does not cause respiratory disease. However, if you are insufficiently protected from the cold that does cause stress to your body and can inhibit your ability to fight diseases,” said Tsipis. 

Tsipis said it’s difficult to understand the true impact of a sudden change in temperature on the body as it doesn’t happen often. 

A 2018 study from the University of Michigan found a possible link between extreme temperature swings and the risk of having a heart attack. According to the findings, the greater the temperature change during the course of a single day, the more people show up at the hospital in need of emergency surgery.

The study did not prove that temperature changes cause heart attacks, just that there is an association.

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