DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver area real estate agent who has been increasingly concerned with her safety while showing listings to people she has never met decided to learn how to defend herself. Not with a firearm, but with a knife. 

It is a beautiful day at Washington Park where we find real estate agent Adele Lewis. But she is not learning to stay fit, she is learning to fight.

Self-defense instructor Eric Mayes, who founded Reflex Mode Self-Defense, said the first step is not to be a victim, something that isn’t easy for most people. 

“It’s a huge step for most people because we are kind of conditioned by society to be polite,” Mayes said.

Lewis said her decision to take a class like this came after hearing about a real estate agent being attacked while showing a listing.

“I was completely shocked, and I actually said to our team, because we were all on a text thread, ‘We need a self-defense class, we should do this,'” Lewis told FOX31’s Dan Daru.

Verbal skills, knife handling techniques and simple concepts that Mayes said can make all the difference if a person is targeting you.

“When you decide, ‘I’m going to do this to keep my family safe or keep myself safe,’ that is the biggest step, and then go find some responsible training,” Mayes said.

Mayes’ students are not taught to kill but to neutralize the situation and get away.

“Sometimes it’s causing damage and sometimes it’s just willing to cause damage that people will pick up on and back off,” he said.

His students said the lessons they’re taking fit the bill.

“This is practical experience and I’m not going to get that anywhere else. I’m not going to get that unless I actually get attacked when I need to. So, I would rather know what to do and when I need to do it,” Theresa Byrne, one of those students, said.

The last place Lewis thought she would be in danger, is showing a listing but if it happens, she’s thankful she’ll now know how to respond.