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LONGMONT, Colo.— “How does someone jump out of a plane, and never see somebody again?” said John Lacroix. It’s one of many questions close friends of Logan Polfuss have.

Polfuss died last Thursday after a skydiving incident at Mile Hi Skydiving. Boulder County Sheriff says Polfuss had a scheduled jump at 1:15 p.m., but they weren’t notified he was missing until 9 p.m. that night.

“It’s extremely rare for that type of incident to happen without anyone knowing about it,” said Nancy Koreen with the United States Parachute Association.

Mile Hi Skydiving is an affiliate of the USPA, which means they have to adhere by it’s basic safety rules. That includes having manned ground-to-air communication at the drop zone.

FOX31 reached out to Mile Hi Skydiving to ask questions about it’s own policy when it comes to keeping track of divers, but an employee says the owner will not comment on anything skydiving related.

The Federal Aviation Administration is still investigating the circumstances that led up to Polfuss’ death, and the coroner has yet to determine the cause of death.

Several skydiving businesses in Colorado say Mile Hi Skydiving is by far the largest operation in the state, and can host more than 20 skydivers in a single jump. It is unclear how many divers were present with Polfuss at the time of the jump.

Because of the varying sizes of each operation, Koreen says there is no industry standard for how skydiving businesses have to keep track of divers.

“Every drop zone has their own procedures based on how they operate and what size drop zone,” Koreen said.