DENVER (KDVR) — The death of Queen Elizabeth II is being felt deeply throughout the world, including by those in Denver.

One local professor with the University of Denver, Martin Rhodes, grew up in Britain during the early years of the queen’s reign.

Rhodes remembers growing up in Britain and other parts of the Commonwealth and how big of a deal it was for the queen to visit.

“You’d dress up, you’d be given flags to wave. It was in an era before celebrities, and she was a real celebrity,” Rhodes said.

A celebrity to the people, “she’s just been a very dignified, though rather very remote figure,” Rhodes said. “The British monarchy under Elizabeth II has been one that is purely constitutional, and duties that she fulfilled expertly.”

Rhodes said the way she faced the decline of the British empire after World War II, royal scandals and more showed she was meant for the throne.

“She’s managed to get through those storms with enormous grace, which not only made her a figure that continues to be respected but also has strengthened people’s views of the monarchy,” Rhodes said.

He said she was an example to other politicians and world leaders of how to lead with nobility.

“I think she’s a model of good temperament, good judgment,” Rhodes said, “and I think looking from this side of the Atlantic, I think politicians should remember their duties to the people, the influence they have, and reflect on the fact that bad behavior in public creates bad behavior amongst the public. And that was always her sense.”