AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — The Aurora City Council is deciding the fate of new housing development proposed near East Colfax and Yosemite Street.

At the center of the controversy are empty lots in the area.

A developer wants to build 53 Green Energy Efficient homes in the neighborhood starting at $500,000.

Aurora’s planning and zoning commission had approved the plans, however, the decision was appealed after people spoke against the plans in October.

“This type of development guarantees that the cost of living will rise dramatically as it has in every part of Denver and Aurora where developments like this have been allowed,” Liberation Center Member Dakota Dexter said.

Gentrification and displacement are the biggest concerns several others had during a hearing. The owner of RedT Homes Nathan Adams says the new development will improve the quality of life in the area.

“What we are constructing is entry-level housing maybe move up for a first buyer that’s in a smaller condo. If you look at the average price point in the metro area our price to sell is far below where they are at,” Adams said.

Adams added he’s tried to work with groups opposing the construction, but to no avail.

He’s offered to hire workers to form the neighborhood. He’s also offered people who live here the first chance to buy them first.

Neighbor Jose Chavez told the commission he welcomes new development.

“I think any kind of development around this area is good. I’ve lived here 26 years. I’ve seen bad stuff that’s happened. Any kind of change would be good.”

Still, many fear the new homes will make it impossible for some people to live here.

“These luxury houses, luxury condos are a step in a long-term plan to drive displacement of all the families currently in the area,” Liberation Center Member Eliza Lucero said.

Whether new homes are built here is now up to Aurora’s City council.