DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado has lots to offer in the fall: pumpkin patches, hard apple cider and fall beers, haunted hotels, pop-up Halloween bars, corn mazes and some of the best fall colors in the country.

But among all of that, pumpkin spice lattes just might be Coloradans’ favorite part of the spooky season.

Earlier this fall, a study found that folks in Colorado search for pumpkin spice lattes more than people in any other state.

Now, a new study by Consumer Affairs suggests that pumpkin spice lattes are the most popular thrill of the whole Halloween season for Coloradans.

The study analyzed all kinds of Halloween attractions in each state, like how many pumpkin patches and haunted attractions there are per capita, what people are searching for, the Halloween music people are streaming and even how many Spirit Halloween stores are available per capita.

By analyzing how popular different Halloween-festive things are in each state, Consumer Affairs was able to put together a list of the states that are most festive for Halloween.

New Hampshire and Maine topped the list, and Colorado’s neighboring state Utah was number three for overall spooky festivity.

Colorado was toward the middle at No. 19. The Centennial State had very medium rankings in many categories, with 0.62 haunted attractions and pumpkin patches per capita and 0.77 Spirit Halloween stores per capita.

When it came to search interest, Colorado was in the 70s out of 100 for terms like Halloween movies, decorations and costumes.

Of the 10 metrics used in the study, Colorado was near average in all but one: pumpkin spice lattes.

The study scored pumpkin spice latte search interest in Colorado at 100, far above any other state.

The next state with the most people looking for the nearest pumpkin spice latte was New Mexico, with a score of 89.

Coloradans aren’t searching for other Halloween trends nearly as much either. The next most popular Halloween search in Colorado was for candy, with a score of 82.

FOX31 reported earlier this fall that the obsession is more about the pumpkin spice flavor than it is about the latte. Coloradans are searching for “pumpkin spice” more now than ever before, even more than “pumpkin spice latte.”

So don’t feel guilty if you just ordered your fourth pumpkin spice latte of the week to go with your pumpkin spice bread, because odds are, a Coloradan near you is in the same boat.