DENVER (KDVR) — School safety is still at top of mind for Denver parents.  

Ahead of a Denver Public Schools Public Comment and Progress Monitoring Session on Monday, dozens of parents and students gathered outside DPS headquarters calling for the resignation of the board.  

“We just don’t feel safe, and our voices, we just want to get them heard so we’re here protesting trying to get the board to resign,” Kayden Robinson, a junior at East High School, said. 

Danny Foster said they’re part of a group called 

“If we can get a new group of people that can understand that the whole goal is to work together to create better systems for these students, then I think we have a real shot at saving DPS,” Foster said. 

Isreall Blake, a junior at East High School, told FOX31 they’re asking for change. 

“It’s just a lot to go through as a student and I feel like they’ve been going around about it the wrong way,” Blake said. “Having a shooting and going to school the next day is not OK.” 

Inside the DPS meeting, Superintendent Alex Marrero presented their Long-Term Safety Plan Overview aimed at addressing current school safety concerns.  

“There will be several versions that will be pressure tested by the community and all stakeholders at least a couple times to make sure we are heading in the right direction and it’s inclusive of everything we need,” Marrero said. 

The plan outlines specific advisory groups and ways of engagement to include all voices.  

Dozens of parents and students speaking out during public comment said they’re still frustrated.

 “We need clear and transparent communication,” one parent said. 

“I have yet to hear or see any understanding from any of you on how your policies are impacting the lives of average people within the school system,” another parent added. 

But Marrero spoke in confidence with their plan moving forward.  

“We believe this process will result in a plan that is truly reflective of our students, parents, staff and community that will be rooted in national and local safety best practices with our eye on DPS’ future,” Marrero said. 

According to the timeline, the long-term safety plan will go through several reviews with opportunities for feedback.  

The final version is expected to be released at the end of June.