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LITTLETON, Colo. – The FOX31 Problem Solvers continue to investigate the violations found at Seaquest in Littleton.

Weeks ago FOX31 reported that state inspectors ordered Seaquest to shut down its interactive aviary. That demand was after inspectors found repeat violations which were endangering birds.

On Saturday, concerns still remain and citizens took the streets for a protest against the facility. “Hopefully their permit won’t get reissued next year,” one protester, Linda Gonzales said.

“I saw a lot of dirty enclosures, I saw people reaching in and touching the stingrays without washing hands,” another protestor Lanell Haygon said. “Ultimately Seaquest does not belong in Colorado. In Colorado we admire our wildlife, open spaces, and sea quest kind of goes against all of that.”

The Problem Solvers first exposed the practices at Seaquest with an undercover camera. Our investigators found an escaped lizard and employee swiping birds on the floor to scare them off.

In an interview with our investigative reporter Chris Halsne, Seaquest’s CEO said, “Did we ever put animals at harms way, no we didn’t.”

It’s a narrative the organizers say they aren’t buying. “We have got to shut them down this is ridiculous,” Gonzales said.

Haygon said, “It’s Seaquest, it’s not aquariums, it’s Seaquest”

“They need to be out of business,” Haygon also said.

Organizers say this is their first protest and they want it to be their last.

Organizers say they’re hoping that Seaquest shuts down before they have to take anymore action. They say they want to sit down with mall management and get to the bottom of why this facility is still open.