DENVER (KDVR) — Protected bike lanes and a new pattern to help keep cyclists safe, beginning at South Marion and South Downing Street to Washington Park, have officially opened after years of construction.

“I think if this would have been here the day she was riding, she would still be here today,” Teddy Bounds, the widower of Alexis Bounds said.  

The route named “Alexis Bounds Memorial Bikeway” honors Alexis Bounds who was just 37-years-old when she was struck while riding her bike at the intersection of South Marion Parkway and East Bayaud Avenue. She was a mother of two.

“She was coming around the curb in the bike lane when a truck made an abrupt right turn and collided with her and killed her,” Teddy said.

Saturday, a large group of family, friends and neighbors came out to remember Alexis but also celebrate the new lanes and take a ride down to Washington Park and back.

“It connects Wash Park with Cherry Creek trail, so people use it to get downtown,” Amy Kenreich, the Chair of the Mayor’s Bicycle Committee said.

The project was proposed before Alexis’s crash, but cyclists told FOX31 her death was a big push to go forth despite backlash from people in the area.

“It woke us up. It taught us the extremely hard way that paint is not protection,” Kenreich said.

Kenreich also stated that Alexis’s crash was preventable. According to Teddy, the man who was driving the dump truck that struck and killed Alexis pleaded guilty to careless driving resulting in death. Teddy said he heard the driver completed his community service, but that was the last update his family had.

“Stuff like this can happen, but you don’t see much of a response,” Teddy said.

He’s happy his wife will be honored in such a big way by protecting others who want to use the road. He also hopes drivers see her memorial, slow down, don’t drive distracted, and remember others on the road.

“There are vulnerable people around them at all times,” Teddy said.